Master Mindset Moncton 2018
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What is Master Mindset?

  |   Master Mindset Moncton

Last year on November 25th 2016, Master Mindset Moncton was born. Created from an idea in just 31 days, it brought over 115 of Moncton’s change makers and leaders together for a night of inspiration. Our 6 Speakers shared their stories, lessons, and keys to success in their action packed TED-Style talks. Our amazing audience laughed, cried, gave standing ovations, meditated, exchanged ideas, drank beer and ate amazing local food. It all sounds so enchanting, but the questions still comes up:


“What is Master Mindset?”


Master Mindset is an event created by Marcel Petitpas. A young entrepreneur who moved to Moncton in 2014 to take a promotion with a corporate job. After meeting and spending time with some influential local entrepreneurs, he became inspired to start his first business here in Moncton. Along that journey, he discovered the world class entrepreneurs, thought leaders and mentors that reside here in the province. He credits these amazing people for giving him the confidence and support he needed to finally go after his dreams and the unbelievable amount of personal growth he experiences in doing so.


That’s when the idea was born; to take the people that inspired him to take action, and put them on stage to inspire the community in the same way. It took a challenge from his mentor and 2016 speaker Dan Martell to finally make it happen. 31 days later, the audience at the Dieppe arts and culture center witnessed an incredible display of community, execution and what is possible when great people come together around an amazing idea.


There are two things you should understand about Master Mindset: What happens at Master Mindset, and what people feel at Master Mindset, so let us explain both.


The format is pretty simple, 6 local speakers, 20-minute talks, food and networking. We structure the event around a central theme, but assemble a lineup of speakers with different backgrounds and perspectives to create a unique experience that ties together in just the right way.


The real excitement though, is the impact. Our goal as an organization is to bring together inspiring local speakers to share their best ideas with the people in our community who make things happen. We do this to inspire REAL change in the community, and last year we did just that.


We’ve had audience members reach out to us to share stories of how they started new businesses, launched new projects, expanded existing businesses or made significant lifestyle changes because of this event. We’re not promising you’re going to have a breakthrough, but it’s not an unlikely occurrence…


This all happens by design. The whole event, the reason it was created all revolves around this central goal of unblocking our community from taking action on meaningful projects.


To boil it down, we focus on three important things:



Amazing, Local Speakers

Anyone can fly in a keynote speaker from outside the province, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Master Mindset is all about inspiring the community with local speakers who are making big changes in the world from right here at home. Our alumni include multi million dollar entrepreneurs, elite level business coaches, marketing and culture thought leaders, best-selling authors and international speakers among others.

Want to hear from and connect with some of the most inspiring people in our province? This is the place to do it.


Incredible Networking

Our audience shares a special energy. Entrepreneurs, political leaders, young professionals and passionate change makers from our community all come together for a night of inspiration and connection. If you’re looking to connect with motivated, influential locals this is the place for you. Our goal is to help make real changes happen in the community by creating the environment for ideas, connection and action to come together. We design the experience to foster conversation. Food, drink, and schedule all coalesce to make sure you’re connecting with people at the peak of your inspiration.


Entertaining, Engaging Content.

If there’s one thing we DON’T want to be, it’s just another keynote series. We pride ourselves on making sure that our talks are unique, engaging, and give freedom to the presenter to do whatever they need to create an emotional connection with the audience. Meditations, activities, song, and dance are not uncommon. One thing we can promise is that you won’t just be watching a show, you’ll be a part of it, too.

Have we convinced you to come yet? Great, we’re meeting on October 20th 2017 in Downtown Moncton. Grab your tickets HERE, we can’t wait to share this special night with you.


Have more questions about Master Mindset? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.