Master Mindset Moncton 2018
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Why Not You?

  |   Master Mindset Moncton

Why not you?


Good question.


This very question can change everything for you. Usually the first step on a journey toward what once seemed impossible, it’s the question that allows you to step up as the hero in your story. It’s the perfect thing to ask when you find yourself thinking “not me”.


Not me.


  • Who can become an entrepreneur? Not me.
  • Who can lose 50 lbs? Not me.
  • Who can make art for a living? Not me.
  • Who can find love? Not me.
  • Who can land that promotion? Not me.
  • Who can learn a new language? Not me.
  • Who can start over? Not me.
  • Who can survive losing? Not me.
  • Who can make an impact? Not me.


“Not me” represents the two words that pose the greatest threat to your own growth and development. “Not me” keeps you firmly planted inside the boundaries of your existing comfort zone. “Not me” is for people who are already living the best life possible and who want to stay exactly where they are. If that’s you – great! But for the rest of us, those of us who dream of more – more freedom, more security, more impact, more influence – we need to banish “not me” from our vocabularies.


So how exactly do you move from “not” to “why not” so that you can catapult over your invisible hurdles? Well, we have three suggestions that you can start implementing today because well, why not you?

1. Commit to the fact that it’s not going to be easy.


It’s not easy to accomplish new, big things. It just isn’t. It’s not going to be easy for you and it wasn’t easy for any of those who came before you. But as we learned from Mark Black at this year’s Level Up Impact Conference: when you think of the accomplishment that you’re most proud of in your life, would you describe it using the word easy? Of course not! The things that are the most meaningful are almost never the easy things. Once you let go of the false idea that it should be easy, doing the work to get you there seems much more palatable.

2. Say yes to new things that scare you.


Let us clarify that we are not advocating that you say yes to every new thing that crosses your path. That would exhaust you and potentially distract you from what you want most. In fact, many of us say yes to things that will keep us busy as an excuse to avoid working toward a big, scary dream. We are telling you that if you’re saying no out of fear; if you’re making excuses; then it’s time to start saying yes to the opportunities that will move you one step closer to your dream.


An effective way to ensure that you continue moving forward is to eliminate the possibility of self-doubt by committing to a rule of saying yes. If you’re faced with a choice that’s on the path toward your dream and “no” feels easier, that is your clue that your growth lies on the path of an enthusiastic “yes”.

3. You will screw up so plan to get up.


Look, if the people who’ve done great things didn’t screw up along the way, there would be no biography section in the bookstore. When was the last time you heard a story about a great accomplishment that was all about how everything went perfectly without a single bump in the road?


This isn’t how great things happen! Chasing a big goal will require you to keep getting up when you fall down. Expect to fall! If you already knew how to make that dream come to life, you would have done it. So go try, screw up but plan that no matter what, you’re going to get back up.




When we interview our audience about their experience at Master Mindset, the overwhelming response is that they leave asking “why not me?”. So now we’re asking… why not you???


Join us on November 23 and let’s get those invisible hurdles out of your way! Tickets can be purchased here: